1. General information

We can provide our customers with a non-disclosure agreement, also known as a confidentiality agreement.

All of our drafters have degrees in the architectural field and at least two years of drafting experience. We have people with interior design, architectural engineering and building design degrees.

Our company was established in 2007. Since then we are providing drafting, modeling and rendering services.

We are located in Vilnius, Lithuania (a member of the EU).

2. Workflow

Since most of the communication we practice is via email, the time zone difference causes no problems at all. In cases when the clients are US based it is easy to establish a very productive workflow when they contact us at the end of their work day, which is the start of ours. This way the projects are in constant progress 24/7.
Upon the clients wishes, we are able to set up skype meetings. There are a lot of time zone converters online, which come in handy when trying to arrange a call.

Category: 2. Workflow

Yes. We have experience in adapting to clients standards, techniques and working habits. We can work on a standard Archicad template or on templates provided by the client.

Category: 2. Workflow

Yes. All our drafters will be able to communicate with client by talking or writing in English.

Category: 2. Workflow

Of course. We try to establish a close connection between the drafter and the client. We do not change drafters for clients to ensure the best cooperation and to avoid repeating the learning curve. The only way to change a drafter is to ask for it or to expand your virtual staff and to add extra drafters.

Category: 2. Workflow

Yes. During our working hours you will be able to contact drafters directly by email, skype or phone. We encourage direct communication and face to face contacts.

Category: 2. Workflow

If you have full commercial licenses of Archicad we can work in the most effective way and that is by using Archicad Teamwork. This way we can work on the same file at the same time, and be certain that we will avoid file transfer errors or file version mismatches. Another advantage is that you will have the possibility to see a report of who has been doing what and that helps to establish clear and trust based cooperation processes. We would prefer our clients to set up the BIM server.

Category: 2. Workflow

We have years of practice working in the metric system since it is our local unit system.

Category: 2. Workflow

The bigger part of our clients are US based, so we have experience in drafting and modeling in imperial units.

Category: 2. Workflow

We use all versions of Archicad (from Archicad 12 to Archicad 24). Based on a clients need we can work with US or INT versions.

Category: 2. Workflow

3. Payments and invoicing

Yes. We can provide a free quote for an assignment and invoice based on an approved quote. You can get an up-front quotation on the complete project or a single Architectural rendering or custom Archicad objects. The quote will be based on our hourly fee.

We use Pay Pal for invoicing clients. You will be able to make payments with all cards that are accepted by Pay Pal. If needed we can provide the invoice with an IBAN account number and BANK SWIFT code for a regular bank transfer.

No. To start working with us you do not have to pay anything in advance. We charge after the work is done and not before.

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